Couch culture: Just what sort of couch potato are you?

For large spaces and open living areas: a perfect place for a sofa with chaise longue:

It’s time to give the image of the „couch potato“ a good scrubbing and let all the clichés rubbed off in the process go floating down the drain. One look at the huge selection of colours, fabrics and forms shows you why: These couches simply invite you to settle down for a long stay. But the choice doesn’t stop here: You can find love seats, three seaters, corner sofas, chaise longues and even enormous sofa landscapes that can accommodate the entire family. The forms are just as varied as the types: leather, quilted Chesterfields; modular sofas; mid-centuries; minimalist retro-design; or Bridgewaters, an elegant type with short armrests and low backs. Who can resist such a temptation? No one. You simply have to give in and sit down. Even Goethe felt the force: „Half pulled by her and half sinking himself“.

Show me your sofa and I’ll tell you who you are
Well, we won’t go quite this far. But you don’t have to be a living room psychologist to figure out what type of individual sits, sleeps and lounges here by simply glancing at his or her sofa, its condition and its accessories – pillows, snuggle blankets or nothing at all. Yes, he does exist: The man aged between 25 and 30, the video game junkie whose sofa is also called on to serve as a dinner table. The stains have their very own story to tell, secrets that the sofa would prefer to keep to itself.
But let’s not dally here. Instead, let’s direct our attention to another group, to those individuals to whom the selection of a sofa represents an expression of a philosophy of life or to whom it serves, at the very least, as a personal form of living – in positive terms. Families want expansive sofa landscapes that have the room to accommodate mum, dad, little Max and – on good days – the teenage daughter. And, let’s not forget about the family dog.

The single urban woman with the small, but chic apartment in the venerable, painstakingly restored early 20th century building will meticulously pick out her cushioned refugium: Which colour and form are in right now? The matching end table is another must as are freshly painted walls. New pillows that change with the season have to be added as well. Once the ensemble has reached the state of perfect harmony, the triumph in interior design will frequently be posted for the residential community to read or extolled in the creator’s very own blog. Wow, cocooning is so wonderful when the entire world can feast its eyes on it!

Straight lines, little chichi, trendy colours and individual combinations: modular sofas. These are often corner sofas equipped with an extension to the right or left. But the wide range of variations makes it difficult to identify a particular type of individual on the basis of them. Perhaps on the basis of colour and decoration.

Leather sofas frequently bring cool, self-confident bachelors to mind. Clear, cool guy; cool sofa.

The heirloom: grandmother’s sofa. The quality argues for it; the form and colour against it. But retro designs are cult. As a result – let’s be magnanimous here – these classic pieces of furniture deserve a new lease on life.

The conclusion: Let’s not be too hard on ourselves. Cosy evenings spent in front of the telly, a Sunday spent in jogging shorts or chatting over a cup of coffee with friends or family: It’s nice to spend time at home, and the couch has deservedly become our favourite place in it.

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