Copper as a design trend – let it shine…

Copper as a design trend – let it shine…

A hint of glamour and style not only adds that special touch within the venerable walls of a castle, but also gives a new shine to our everyday lives. And not all that glitters has to be gold. When it comes to lifestyle trends in 2016, copper is a popular contender.

Warm and mellow with a rose-brown shine, copper is an especially feminine colour. No wonder really, given that the symbol for copper (from Latin: cuprum) in alchemy was also the symbol for the goddess Venus and hence for femininity. Although copper reached its peak between 5000 and 3000 BC, this pliable metal is now experiencing a renaissance. Shimmering shades of luxuriant copper can be found increasingly in wall paints, lipsticks, eyeshadows or fine textiles. Wonderful effects can be achieved with copper especially in interior design. Whether it’s candlesticks, a lampshade or a fruit bowl, the reddish metal exudes warmth and unerringly makes its mark as a glamorous decorative element. It accentuates a host of different furnishing styles – whether it’s ethnic, vintage, a playful romantic look or industrial design, copper as a decorative element shines in any setting and catches everyone’s attention. Copper-coloured individual pieces create a particularly beautiful effect, such as a candle dish or a vase, for example, combined with rough, more archaic surfaces such as unplastered walls, concrete surfaces or solid wood. Yet copper is also an ideal match for a delicate, pastel interior, where the semi-precious metal can demonstrate its gentle side in combination with the light trend colours of pink, mint green or nude.

Dazzling versatility
The trend colours of black or anthracite, used increasingly often these days to embellish walls, also present an ideal backdrop for copper accessories. The precious metal glistens and sparkles especially intensively against a dark setting. Absolute eye-catchers are also the new occasional tables with luxurious copper-coloured tabletops. They come in round shapes with ornamentation – in an oriental look – but also square-shaped in an austere cubic form.

Anyone looking for glossy design ideas can, but need not necessarily dig deep into their pockets. More and more DIY stores offer handicraft instructions and tips on how to craft fun and unconventional copper accessories from copper pipes, wire, sheet metal and nuts.

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The essential must-haves of the new copper trend are:

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