Charming and Stylish Table Decorations

Charming and Stylish Table Decorations

When the days get shorter it’s always enjoyable to invite guests to a cosy gathering around the table. How lovely if it’s decorated in autumn colours – with whatever nature has on offer: moss, colourful maple or vine leaves, autumn flowers such as dahlias, asters and chrysanthemums, with berries or chestnuts. Something that shouldn’t be conspicuous by their absence are pumpkins – neither as a lovely table decoration nor as a culinary delicacy.



Each year it’s a magnificent time when nature steps it up a notch and puts its marvellous wide range of colours on display. At that time of year, nothing is nicer than a walk in the autumnal forest, the perfect opportunity to collect suitable autumn decorations for the set table. On top of that a trip to the market where the fresh regional harvest is waiting for the gourmet, and a successful evening is guaranteed.


For charming and stylish table decorations nature presents itself as a role model: in its diversity it showcases a clear picture and no random mess. For the table that means: Refrain. The arrangement should make the evening special, not ruin it. If the dishes are a classic white or only delicately patterned, the decorations can by all means create a more vibrant contrast. A classically starched white tablecloth also provides the perfect basis for this. If, however, the dishes and artistically designed glasses play the leading role in the decoration, everything else should take a backseat. In this case maybe chestnuts, berries and candles slip into the role of the modest companions who bring autumn to the table.


Hardly anyone will be buying suitable dishes and glasses for each season (especially the kind of number that is required to host family or a circle of friends). It’s nice though if underplates, bowls or simply matching tea lights create an autumn atmosphere. Naturally the food should be part of it – pumpkin soup, for example, served in the hollowed-out pumpkin itself. And a good wine. Now that it’s getting cooler, a rich red one which could be served in a rustic-style goblet.

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