Carpets: Art right beneath your feet

A carpet like a lush, green meadow, yet seductively soft to the touch. This is Ines, created by the designer Maja Johansson for Kasthall.

Designers’ canvases spring to life with pure new wool carpets. Well-known designers grace our homes and floors with increasingly quirky ideas.

This new generation of carpets is nothing like your granny’s dusty oriental rugs. Simply put, modernity is gaining new ground. Manufacturers are getting bolder, and designs are becoming more lavish. Designers experiment and play with three-dimensionality, colours, and materials. Furniture manufacturers are also getting in on the act, by offering designer flooring to compliment their collections. They are almost too beautiful to walk on.

Carpet couture
Today’s carpet manufacturers take their inspiration from the dazzling world of haute couture. For example, Germany’s carpet avantgardist, Michaela Schleypen, embellishes her work with folkloric patterns in a woolly cross stitch. Her Italian contemporary, Paola Lenti, creates elegant rugs with knitted cords that can dress up any parquet. And designer, Jaime Hayón, even transforms his fabric canvas into vibrant, surreal art for Nanimarquina.

Breathing new life into historical designs
Creating modern interpretations of historical styles is, at the moment, a major trend in the world of carpets. Designers take arabesque, Persian Gabbeh rugs and classical ornaments to develop something new for the 21st century. Patterns no longer a matter of just the surface.. On the high-end carpet market, you’ll find third-dimensional products.

These surfaces will capture everyone’s eye thanks to the careful use of haptics. This three-dimensionality is created by using a relief cut, which involves alternating between cutting and looping portions, as well as using a variety of materials. Patterns only begin to appear at a second glance. This is what makes this new flooring option so exciting.

Fluffy patterns and modern kilims
Structured carpets are both a treat for your feet and a feast for your eyes, in particular the cosier options such as thick wick yarn nap. But whilst nap is certainly trendy, it isn’t the only thing that’s in high demand. There is a strong trend towards flat woven fabrics, which add a clear and simple structure to any living room.

And that’s why kilim is making a comeback, helping create a modern look. Swedish designers at Front interpret kilim in quite a unconventional manner, creating strict geometric patterns with strong colours for Gan, the Spanish carpet manufacturer.

New mixes with wool, felt or even synthetic fibres are also making an appearance. Felt, once seen as bland, then hailed as the next big thing, has now developed into a trend that is here to stay. The woolly natural product comes in lively colours and is highly regarded by well-known designers and manufacturers.

Colour palettes from subtle to downright bold
Calm, subtle colours can be found everywhere, with watercolour tones similar to those from the fifties. Cool turquoise, delicate lime green, fine ivory and pale rose all set the tone here. But even grey and natural tones grace many collections.

Some dare to break the mould and embrace bold key colours such as green, blue and yellow. An increasing number of manufacturers are creating carpets to measure, and they often let the buyer choose the colours that they want to have in their homes. Individuality and originality are in demand like never before.


An article by Tanja Müller

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