Follow the trend: bright, delicate, oriental!

The aluminium containers have a hammer-finish look, a latch closure and lifting eye bolts. They not only look great in the bathroom but also in the kitchen or on the tea table.

The more the better? No so with one current trend in living style, which sees a mix of oriental interior style with contemporary elements this year. The result is a unique blend of cosiness and lightness.

A dreamlike reinterpretation

Those who dream of oriental design styles imagine warm colour tones, heavy fabrics and flowing ornaments on walls and furniture. Does this conjure up images of lavishly furnished rooms cluttered with decorations? Not at all. The oriental style familiar from Arabian Nights is being interpreted differently this year: strong colours and individual accessories brush up against furniture with clean lines in bright rooms. And to prevent the look from getting too busy, one of two trends can be followed:

… either vibrant colours: Whether azure blue, yellow or red, the colour palette of the Orient is radiant and full of energy. It is found on curtains, cushions, rugs and mosaics. When these colours are combined, light furniture with clean lines create the desired sense of calm. A cream coloured sofa allows a colourful rug to shine in all its glory.

… or delicate patterns: Magnificent screens, woodcarved stools, rugs with ornaments – those who want to focus on the diverse patterns of the orient can combine these elements with muted earthy colour tones. The result is a tasteful and modern atmosphere with traditional elements. Three types of motif can be chosen:

  • Plants: From cushions to Persian rug, the oriental style is known for its rich world of motifs made up of vines, leaves and flowers.
  • Calligraphy: Tea set, trays or wall decorations with graphic characters underscore the cheerful character.
  • Geometry: Furniture such as screens or tables are often overlaid with meshes and lines.

In a nutshell: oriental interior style in 2019

  • Elements of Arabian or Persian origin are interpreted in a modern way.
  • Colours and patterns meet clean lines and lots of light.
  • Focusing on one of two areas – colours or patterns – creates a sense of visual calm.
  • For example: a diversely patterned Selim rug laid on a light-coloured laminate floor.

Step by step to oriental flair

Those who want to add a touch of oriental warmth to their modern apartment can do this gradually.  How about starting off with a gold-coloured candle holder or a silver tea set? Lifestyle accessories made from metal are initial highlights and create a timeless impression in understated apartments.

The sensory experience is heightened when textiles are added. Brocade and silk radiate cosy luxury: colourful sofa cushions, patterned rugs, heavy curtains. Floor cushions look particularly good on dark wooden floors with textured surfaces. Leather also is a typical element.

Low side tables decorated with woodcarvings, imposing cabinets made from cedar wood. Wooden furniture enhances the individual highlights to create an oasis.

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