Black and white – the ageless classics

Black and white – the ageless classics

Colour trends come and go though the combination of black and white was always considered current and will stay that way. Whether it be cloth, tile pattern or monochrome furniture against the background of its complementary colour: the effect is fresh, classic and modern all at once.


Sexy, sophisticated, minimalistic, in balance, perfectly arranged, timeless, elegant – for a decorating style to be praised so effusively, it really must be something special. That describes „black and white“ without a doubt: an eternally young classic that has effortlessly remained relevant since the art deco era in a rapid succession of trends and styles. So what’s the ‚it‘ factor?


Above all is likely the fascinating contrast between the two protagonists. White is the colour of innocence and purity, a gentle companion, one which politely holds back while still characterising a room. White walls invite you to fill them with decoration or even lofty ideas. Black, by contrast, is dramatic, theatrical, possesses power and impetus and embodies glamour, style, grandeur and elegance.


What both colours offer in conjunction: they easily accommodate other colours and materials. When it comes to white, we know that its status as the most popular wall colour for decades is no coincidence. With black, it is harder to say. But think of cushions in different sand and grey tones on a black leather sofa. Or photographs on a black wall – perhaps one made of broken anthracite. The look is simply stunning!


Plus the upscale effect is further refined when these two non-colours, as experts uncharmingly call them, pay their respects in different materials: as cloth, leather, paint, varnished wood or stone. Drummed white marble or slate loosen the strict contrast of opposition and convey a distinguished sense of animation and diversity in the design.


An important furnishing criterion is the ability to change; in this respect, our classic pair is unsurpassed. Does the monochromatic severity bore you after a while? Then add some colourful cushions, carpets, rugs and accessories! Every colour is welcome. And if you’re weary of a particular colour after some time, just remove it! What remains: an eternally young couple who is so wonderfully compatible thanks to a delightful contrast.


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