The best books on Romantic Living

The best books on Romantic Living

Floral patterns, cottage furniture and lovingly decorated rooms: people who live like this love the feeling of security and looking back on their childhood. There are a plethora of books on Romantic Living, of which we have selected the best three for you.


Marion Hellweg. A Weekend in the Country: Life, Living, Cooking, Creativity (Busse Seewald, 160 pages, 29.95 Euros)

“Head into the country and seek a location which inspires you, seduces you and has you dreaming about it.” For Marion Hellweg, living in the country is the counterpoint to the frantic pace of modern life; it’s pure winding down. With her book, this stylist sends her readers on a romantic trip through the decades. During the Summer, she enchants us with blueberry ice cream and a the flavour of Scandinavian Summer houses; in Autumn they get recipes for rose hip liqueur and animal figures made of chestnuts.


Romantic Living: How ten charming women discovered their personal lifestyle (BusseSeewald, 128 pages, 16.95 Euros)

For one, it’s pastel colours; for another, it’s shabby style, playful lights or a sea of fragrant flowers. That which is romantic defines each of the portrayed women a little differently. But they have one thing in common: a sense of creativity and a desire to create security. Readers learn details of how to do this in ten detailed guided tours of lovingly decorated dining and living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways and kitchens.


Selina Lake. Romantic Style: Inspiring ideas for decoration and furnishing. (Thorbecke, 160 pages, 24.90 Euros)

For Selina Lake, a romantic interior is the equivalent of slow food movement: instead of frantic consumption and buying all items of furniture at once in a rush, pay attention to sustainability and take your time accumulating the things that you really like. Items which emit personality and tell a story. Such individual items can be found in flea markets or in antique shops and – if necessary – they will lovingly bring you back to life. Those who flick through this picture book immediately feel like completely redecorating their dwelling.

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