Beautiful Light with LED

Beautiful Light with LED

With a very long lifespan and low electricity consumption, LED is the illuminant of the future. But isn’t this type of light pretty uncomfortable? Far from it! LEDs exist in the most diverse of systems. As LED strips they create a wonderfully cosy lighting atmosphere. They bring walls to life, make furniture seem to float in the air and are very easy to install at that.


Creating light full of atmosphere is an art. Lighting designers recommend using as many different lamps as possible so the type and intensity of the light can be tailored to each particular setting – keeping it on the brighter side when guests are visiting and keeping it nice and cosy when one wants to get comfortable on the sofa, thus serving as a glare-free background light for the night in front of the TV. A mixture of direct and indirect lighting creates a particularly pleasant atmosphere. And that’s exactly where the new LED strips offer fantastic possibilities.


The small light-emitting diodes are moulded in a transparent, self-adhesive plastic strand that can be directly attached to furniture or technical devices. Preferably in such a way that one doesn’t notice the LEDs themselves but only the light – as a gentle, indirect glow. The strips are available in various light colours: pure white as well as warm white and even multicoloured. Coloured LEDs work with differently-coloured diodes with the help of which, in theory, 16.7 million colourings can be created comfortably by remote control.


The effect of indirect lighting with LED strips is stunning. In the blink of an eye walls come to life, rooms seem higher and more transparent and furniture seems to float in the air on a cloud of light. Thankfully, for this particular accent lighting electricity consumption doesn’t go through the roof because the small light-emitting diodes are extremely economical.


And very versatile. This is shown by another new product family which can support the atmospheric light of the strips in a very nice way: LED candles. Here, the diode is located in a real wax candle and a microchip creates the deceptively real flicker. Something missing? The dripping and fire hazard. Could be worse.

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