Basement Flats – From Underdog to Gem with a Portion of Extra Special Charm

Basement Flats – From Underdog to Gem with a Portion of Extra Special Charm

Only a few tiny tricks are needed to turn a semi-basement into an appealing home. With the right staging of light, walls, floors and interior decorations, basement flats are turned into a cosy, modern domicile with a portion of extra special charm.


Let there be light

When it comes to the design of the rooms it is particularly important to look at how the existing light is used and to experiment with new light sources. With just a few tricks the impression of more width and brightness can easily be created. With the help of lights shining upwards, for example, the ceiling can be converted into a luminary. This makes the ceiling seem higher. If, on top of that, mirrors are positioned in the right places, the impression of width is created. It is also recommended to paint the walls opposite the windows in white or light colours. As a result, the incidental day light is reflected well and makes the room seem brighter. Anyone who likes to spice up the design a little bit without modifying the overall impression of brightness and room size can use some loud colours or not too big pictures in selected places.


Light up your floor

For the atmosphere of a basement flat to be friendly, interior designers recommend a floor with light colours, ideally one that has a warm surface feel. This could either be parquet, cork or design flooring – if possible without PVC and softening agents. In order to minimise the heat from escaping to the substructure (e.g. floor screed), suitable insulation material with as high a thermal resistance as possible should be used.


By the way ceiling height: additional room to the top can be gained with low furniture. The lower the furniture the bigger the distance to the ceiling – which in turn makes the ceiling seem higher again. The space under the windows can be perfectly filled up with lowboards or sideboards. If the furniture is painted with appropriate light-reflecting colours and finish, it also contributes its part to brightening up the basement flat.


Mixing up modern design with the charm of the old

A further trick to convert a basement flat into a modern oasis of well-being is to consciously integrate the rooms‘ basement charm into the interior design. For example, white-painted pipes or spots on the wall where bricks are visible accentuate the design of the whole ensemble.


If the basement is furnished and insulated, the residents also benefit from the comfortable room temperature. For in the summer the flats are pleasantly tempered and in the winter they don’t cool down as quickly as other flats due to the surrounding soil.


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