Barrique Bouquet – Gourmet cuisine combines delicacies with eye candy

Barrique Bouquet – Gourmet cuisine combines delicacies with eye candy

Have a seat, take off your coat, let your gaze wander and take in the aroma of wonderful delicacies: When eyes and stomach get their money’s worth and the interior design matches the menu – only then is a restaurant a safe haven to relax, feast and get away from hectic everyday life.


One example of gourmet cuisine is the restaurant Barrique, where atmosphere, interior design and cuisine create a perfect triad.   Soft vanilla shades surround the guests here, and create a noble, modern and elegant ambience that invites to relax. Selected wines meet connoisseurs‘ palates, and classy dining culture celebrates the contemporary cuisine on a French regional basis.


Cliff Hämmerle, passionate cook and owner of Hämmerle’s Restaurant Barrique in Blieskastel in Saarland, places great value on the high quality of the products he processes. When possible, they come from the local region. This care in the selection of the food also becomes visible in the interior design. The soft colours enlarge the room and bathe it in a friendly ambience. Accents on the wall out of natural stone create an elegant contrast. Light oak furniture and armchairs upholstered with purple fabric blend ideally to an overall picture.  And just as no dish in the restaurant Barrique is a mass-produced product, the noble Oak boards, which have the same name as the restaurant, are just as unique. In a special procedure, the top layer is completely coloured through. Combined with precious natural oil, the noble Oak wood turns into a lively floor creation that promises utmost delight to the eye.  At the same time, scratches are hardly visible – perfect for areas with a high grade of wear and tear.


Culinary culture in a cultural region
The Bliesgau is a unique region in the southeast of the Saarland, an old cultural landscape that is able to defy modernity in many places. Whether it is in the baroque city of Blieskastel or in the green landscape, the biosphere reserve invites to active leisure time as well as to contemplative relaxation. Small peaceful valleys or lush green meadows promise unforgettable hours. The cultural region of Bliesgau stands for a varied landscape, charming flair and regional cuisine, influenced by France.


Spend the night on Oak boards

Since May 2013, the restaurant also offers two exclusively furnished rooms. A double room with around 24 m² and a suite with one bed room and one living room for up to four persons.

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