Stunning autumnal ideas for your home

Cosy autumn decoration: Small warm-white LED lights in the inside of the rosé-gold iridescent pumpkin evoke a pleasant atmosphere. The pumpkins are available in various sizes.

Nature in all of its magnificent colours, harvest time, Halloween – yes, autumn has a lot to offer. With these ideas, you can bring the best parts of the season into your home, while staying safe from the stormy weather and rain.

Halloween decoration alternatives

Autumn just isn’t complete without grinning pumpkins, just as Halloween isn’t complete without eerie, kitschy decorations. That’s not true! There are alternatives that spread the typical Halloween flair, while still also appearing elegant and inviting. What about, for example, a porcelain lantern in the form of a white pumpkin or a spider web garland in a noble rosé colour? And there are also elegant versions of hand-carved Halloween jack-o’-lanterns. Simply apply white acrylic paint to the inside of the pumpkin once you have hollowed it out. As opposed to the standard orange colour, white transforms it into an elegant understatement.

Let there be light!

As a contrast programme to gloomy autumn days, we now need much more light at home. But not just any light! It has to be cosy. That’s why the autumn season will once again see a boom in the amount of candles, fireplaces and the warm LED light found in decorative lighting, the mere sight of which causes us to release endorphins. Fairy lights are easy to hang up and spread a pleasant atmosphere and are therefore very popular in autumn. There are countless variations, ranging from small pumpkins lined up in a row, to a string of lights that look like fireflies.

Warm feet, anyone?

For all those who do have underfloor heating, they will probably turn it on in autumn and bask in the warmth thereof. It’s even twice as cosy when combined with a warm floor covering such as wood or laminate. Another welcome addition is a fuzzy throw carpet that offers even more comfort. What’s more: Durable, moisture-resistant quality floors are well equipped to handle the typical remnants from an autumn walk, such as muddy wellington boots or mucky dog paws. Simply wipe it off and everything is as good as new!

Make your own cuddly accessory

The more unpleasant it is outside, the more interested you become in doing DIY projects indoors. So, start knitting, crocheting, sewing and crafting! Those who are looking for something to do will find a wide range of instructions on the Internet. There’s also DIY packages that are practical for people who don’t have much time for shopping, particularly since they include all of the materials needed. A knitting set for a cuddly blanket includes, for example, the suitable wool, knitting needles in the correct size and instructions. Plus, a darning needle for sewing things together is usually included.

Return to the garden one last time

Use the last warm days in autumn to ensure the outdoor season receives the send-off it deserves. Whether a garden party with friends or a candle light dinner under the starry sky, but please remember that it’s important to dress warm. After all, the evenings are quite brisk this time of year. By using infrared radiators for the terrace or balcony or throwing a warm blanket over your knees, you can still spend quite a few enjoyable hours outside. And maybe you’ll even find a few nice sprigs to complement your autumn decoration at home while you’re out in the garden?

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