DIY instructions: crafting an advent wreath from cork

DIY instructions: crafting an advent wreath from cork

Flickering candlelight. Fragrant fir branches. A steaming cup of tea.

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we would present a Christmas guide today for all handicraft enthusiasts, where we show how to make an Advent wreath. And fear not, even if it’s last minute, all of the material you need can be found in the florist and craft shop.

What better handicraft material than cork is there during the warm and homely Christmas season? Its surface radiates natural warmth. It feels pleasantly soft. It exudes pure cosiness.

Cork: warm and natural

Cork is a natural raw material, which we harvest without having to fell a single tree. Cork, cork floors and their ilk are made from the bark of cork oak. The deciduous tree grows in the western Mediterranean. It is not damaged when the bark is harvested since the bark is peeled from the tree by hand. And the entire process can then be repeated after nine to ten years.

Material for the Advent wreath

For the wreath

  • One cardboard ring, for example from an old shipping carton
  • At least 100 corks that you have collected yourself or bought
  • Hot glue gun
  • A cutting knife or small saw
  • Four pillar candles and matching holders on stakes for attaching to the Advent wreath

For the decoration

  • Fir branches, eucalyptus branches or similar
  • Red decorative berries
  • Thick and thin craft wire in gold or copper
  • Small pliers

Handicraft instructions for the cork Advent wreath

  1. First cut a ring from the cardboard of approx. seven to eight centimetres in width. This forms the base of the wreath. Would you prefer a non-circular wreath? You can also choose a different shape, for example a star shape.
  2. Distribute the corks evenly on the cardboard ring. Leave a couple of gaps to insert the decorations later on. You can also shorten a couple of the corks with a cutting knife or a saw if you prefer to create a more diverse pattern.
  3. Once you have distributed the corks evenly, glue them to the cardboard using the hot glue gun. Please note! Because the glue dries quickly, you will not be able to change the position of the corks subsequently.
  4. Glue the candle holders with stakes to the wreath too.
  5. Is everything securely positioned? Now allow your imagination free rein. Arrange the fir branches or similar greenery on the wreath. Secure the candle decorations by winding fine wire around the candles. The red berries add colour accents.
  6. If you have thick craft wire to hand, use it to shape Christmas trees or stars. Take a pliers and start shaping. Now firmly glue the wire trees in between the corks.
  7. Are you satisfied with your wreath decorations? Then all you need to do now is find the perfect spot for your handcrafted Advent wreath. How about the dining table?

Tip: Use four rod candles and fewer corks for a more delicate version of our Advent wreath.

The Christmas tree is yet another symbol of Christmas: Read here for interesting facts about Nordmann Fir and blue spruce.

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