A Walk Through the Sky – Nature experience amidst the treetops

A Walk Through the Sky – Nature experience amidst the treetops

Many people dream of being close to the sky, seeing the world from on high and feeling free. These feelings are normally only experienced in airplanes, or in skydiving or bungee jumping. Anyone who wants to enjoy this feeling in combination with an unforgettable nature experience should climb high up into the trees as with the Allgäu skywalk.


The skywalk in Allgäu is located near Lake Constance in Germany. Designed as a kind of huge suspension footbridge with a length of about 540 metres, it allows a magnificent walk amidst the treetops. On the roof of the forest, the view of the surrounding landscape is breathtaking. On one side, there is the romantic, nostalgic expanse of Lake Constance with its fertile hills and small private beaches. On the other side, the gigantic mountains of the Alps rise majestically into the sky. The skywalk also draws attention to the varying greens of lush pastures and deep dark forests in the Alpine foothills of the Allgäu region. The skywalk can be reached by a gently sloping trail with stairs and platforms along the edge of the forest, and by a stairway or lift in the lookout tower. This way wheelchair users and families with prams also get to enjoy the spectacular nature experience high up in the air.


For those who prefer to keep their feet on solid ground, there is a nature experience trail, a nature discovery trail, an adventure playground, and a barefoot path.


More information is available at www.skywalk-allgaeu.de

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