A Special Kind of Mystery Tour: Jigsaw Puzzles from a Bird’s-Eye View

A Special Kind of Mystery Tour: Jigsaw Puzzles from a  Bird’s-Eye View

New jigsaw puzzles allow for unusual vantage points onto the metropolises of the world. Thanks to complex shooting techniques, they unveil piece by piece the one or other surprising detail of Venice, Paris or New York. It’s best to lay the Skyview jigsaw puzzles on the floor. That’s where the most available space is and when getting up, the perfect view is offered instantly – looking at one’s favourite city from above.

John Spilsbury, a copperplate engraver and mapmaker who lived in London during the 18th century, is believed to be the inventor of the jigsaw puzzle. In 1767 he had the idea of gluing a map of Great Britain onto a narrow wooden board and cutting it into pieces along the then national and county borders. The pieces still didn’t interlock like they do today and without this nowadays typical feature John Spilsbury sold his tile-laying game as “teaching material for geography classes”. Despite digital competition people’s enthusiasm for doing jigsaw puzzles lasted until today – whether for the little ones to learn, to promote abstract thinking and develop their first abilities or for adults just for fun and relaxation.


The Skyview series from Piatnik gives the jigsaw puzzle idea a whole new twist and thrill. Complex shooting techniques were used for the four jigsaw puzzle themes which allow looking at famous metropolises from a bird’s-eye view.

New York has the highest buildings, the biggest parks and the most famous places. Friends of mental exercises bring the city that never sleeps to life piece by piece with the Skyview jigsaw puzzle. An exciting and fascinating method of looking at metropolises from above.

With patience and brains life is also breathed into the jigsaw puzzle “Paris”. From high above the view is directed at the twelve avenues fanning out in a star shape from “Place Charles de Gaulle” and framing the Arc de Triomphe. Many sights can be found in the 1st arrondissement on the right-hand side of the bank of the river Seine. The Louvre, the Pont Neuf bridge and the Palais Royal can also be looked at from an unusual perspective by jigsaw puzzle lovers.

The third theme takes jigsaw puzzle fans on a journey to gorgeous Venice with its Lagoon and islands. A view from above onto the dense sea of houses from which only the Grand Canal is standing out was immortalised as a puzzle theme. Sharp intellect and stamina are needed to turn the scenario around the Rialto Bridge with its maze of alleyways in the districts of San Marco and San Polo into a harmonious whole.

The centre of Vienna can also be experienced from a bird’s-eye view by friends of jigsaw puzzles. Once completed, the work offers a view of St. Stephen’s Cathedral as well as of St. Michael’s Church, St. Peter’s Church and the Augustinian Church. Josefsplatz, Kärntner Strasse, Hoher Markt, the Graben and the Kohlmarkt are also easily recognisable. And anyone who looks a little closer will even discover small details such as exclusive roof gardens.


Further information: www.piatnik.com

Image source: Piatnik

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